Generally considered the “the most wonderful time of the year”, for some the Christmas and New Year’s season can also be the most depressing. While most feel the joy of family, gift-giving, life’s celebrations and the ringing in of a new year, filled with expectations and resolutions, many may feel isolated, fearful of what that new year may bring or just simply “down in the dumps”. These feelings are considered the Holiday Blues.

Why Do I Feel Sad?

There are a number of things that can make even those of us who love the holidays feel sad. There are often extra stress factors – end-of-year financial obligations, finishing that final project at work, kids home from school, or being bombarded with commercials for the newest and best gifts are just a few examples.

For many there are memories of years past or family members passed that provoke strong emotional sentiments that trigger sadness at times gone by or dear ones lost. Or maybe you just can’t be with loved ones who live far away. Changes in the environment and your daily routine can trigger holiday blues too, such as less sunshine, colder temperatures, and changes in your diet. And talk about expectations! How many of us don’t make resolutions for the coming year because we are just too convinced we will break them, so why bother?

Easy Ways to Deal with Holiday Blues

The good news is that for most of us, the holiday blues are temporary. But here are a few steps you can take to help:

  1. Get enough sleep – Santa has come and gone, so you don’t have to wait up all night for him!
  2. Eat in moderation – don’t gorge yourself on food – try to stay within more “normal” limits that your body is used to. Keeping your tongue clean with your TUNG Brush and Gel will let you enjoy your food and drink more without needing to increase intake!
  3. Keep alcohol intake down – Alcohol can exacerbate depression, so take it easy.
  4. Listen to music and relax – maybe you got that perfect CD as a gift! Now is the time to listen to it and just relax while you do!
  5. Spend time away from social media – don’t get bombarded by the world right now. There is more than enough time later to catch up, so if you are feeling down, take a break.
  6. Don’t isolate yourself – that doesn’t mean you can’t be ok by yourself, because being comfortable with yourself is important to see life positively. It just means that being with supportive and caring people will keep you from focusing on being depressed.
  7. Exercise – how about a nice walk with a friend? And if it is very cold where you are, just a short brisk walk will invigorate you!
  8. Try to see the New Year differently – instead of “more of the same” or “I always break my resolutions”, try to see the New Year as a new opportunity and don’t make resolutions! Resolve to just be more positive!

From all of us on the TUNG Brush and Gel team to all of you – we wish you a VERY HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year.