We hope that you have already started to practice some of the tips we provided to you a couple of weeks ago in the first part of Living Your Best Life Now! This is an ongoing and very personal process, so while not every idea will be right for each of you, surely you have found at least one change you can initiate to make your life a little better. But, if you haven’t, we thought we would provide you with some more ideas that might work for your individual lifestyle and personality! Remember, all of these are just ideas, so even if something doesn’t sound just right for you, maybe you can use it as food for thought 😊

Be a people person – with the right people!

  1. Let go: Rid yourself of relationships that are bringing you down. This includes people who don’t respect you or value you for who you are or people who are stunting your emotional growth. You don’t need that negative energy in your life.
  2. Hang out: Spend time with people who enable you, who appreciate you, with whom you have common interests and who bring you happiness.
  3. Help out: Surely you know someone who can use a helping hand? Maybe a friend or family member? If not, volunteer and help someone in need. You will get as much out of this as you give!
  4. Surprise someone: Do something nice for someone when he or she least expects it. You will not only make someone else happy, but the response you get will give you a much-needed lift and will bring joy to your life.
  5. Reconnect: Social media these days is an awesome way to connect with an old friend. If you were close to someone “back in the day”, try to reconnect – you would be surprised at how uplifting sharing old memories can be!

Get to know yourself better! 

  1. Declutter: Get rid of old things, literally and figuratively. When you start out with an organized physical and mental slate, you can build from what you have.
  2. Keep learning: Maybe for you, that means take a course. Or maybe it just means analyze and learn from your experiences. Either way, get something new out of everything you do.
  3. Develop yourself: Learn new skills, new ways of thinking, new ways of approaching relationships. You should never consider yourself a stagnant being! That also means stretching yourself, upgrading your goals and continuing to take on new challenges.
  4. Never settle: Don’t settle for a job you don’t like, for a relationship that bores you, for a physical you that you aren’t proud of. Complacency is the first step to not living a better life, so make sure you aim higher!
  5. Have fun: Go ahead, dance in the rain, sing in the car, eat dinner for breakfast or breakfast for dinner! Let loose a little and just savor moments!

Get out there!

Last but not least, go places. That might mean picking up a book where your imagination can run wild, or taking a brush to a canvas and painting a picture of your cat! Or, it may mean going places you have always wanted to go – a new city, a new concert venue, a new museum or a new restaurant. Remember, though, if it is the latter, be sure to brush your teeth and clean your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel every day so you can truly savor that curry, dim sum, tiramisu or foie gras to the utmost degree 😊