Did you know that April 10th is National Siblings’ Day? Founded in 1995 by Claudia Evart in memory of two siblings she lost prematurely due to accidents, National Siblings’ Day is an opportunity to recognize and honor our brothers and sisters. Have no fear, however, if you are an only child, you can honor someone close to you whom you think of as a brother or sister!!!

Be in touch!

You may live close to your siblings or you may live across the country, but this is an ideal time to get in touch. If they live near you, stop by their house with a box of cookies, a card or just a big smile to tell them you are happy they are in your life. If they are out of town, how about a special phone call, or better yet, a “Skype” or “FaceTime” visit?

But we didn’t get along as kids!

Maybe your little sister took all your clothes or eavesdropped on your calls with your friends – maybe your big brother drove you crazy with his music while you were trying to study. Regardless of how you felt about one another once, surely you know how much you mean to one another now. Not to be morbid, but your siblings will be there for you long after parents, aunts and uncles aren’t. So maybe this is a good opportunity to mend fences and become friends again! Chances are, you don’t even remember why you argued!

OK I’ll call – but why is my sibling good for me?

Caring about a sibling, blood-related or chosen, can make each of us more selfless. We have to think about the wellbeing of another person about whom we care deeply. Sometimes, more than anyone else, our siblings can be our confidantes, they can be non-judgmental and can empathize with our problems or dilemmas. And studies have shown that they can keep us physically active, mentally sharp, and emotionally stable.

So, with that idea of wellness in mind, be sure to get up on April 10th, brush your teeth, clean your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel, and go visit or call your brother or sister. Tell your siblings how happy you are that they are in your life and you will be amazed how good you will feel!