Surely you jest, right? Exercise? With all those good cookies, candy canes, and holiday parties? Not to mention the stress! Year-end deadlines, family visits, last minute shopping, AND exercise? Really?

Yes, really! Actually, if you can fit in some physical activity, it will not only help to shed extra weight we all seem to put on during this time of year (or at least make you feel less guilty about indulging) but it will help alleviate the stress! So you should definitely see if you can fit in some exercise that will keep your body and mind on track and healthier. Of course, you will move your arm every morning by brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue with your TUNG Brush and Gel, but what about the rest of your body?😉

I’m traveling—so…

If you are traveling, try to plan ahead. Look into gyms, parks, or walking trails near your destination where you can jump on a bike or take a hike. If you belong to a gym locally, check to see if it has a reciprocal relationship with a location where you are headed—you never know, your membership might include a visitor pass. Of course, if you are staying at a hotel, there may be a fitness center onsite for you. Going shopping for those last minute gifts? Well, you might just choose to park far from the mall entrance to walk a bit…or how about walking around the mall a couple of times more than you actually need to?

I can’t get to a gym, so what do I do?

If you are staying with family and want to work out, how about bringing some resistance bands with you that you can use wherever you are? You might also bring your laptop with an exercise dvd, or find an easy online exercise routine that you can follow with your tablet or phone. 😉 There are lots of easy exercises you can do without heading to a gym. If you are used to working with weights, how about lifting some water jugs or cans over your head….that ought to keep those arms moving! Be sure you bring your walking or running shoes and grab a chance for a brisk walk while family members are napping, cooking (assuming they don’t need your help), or watching a movie you have seen a million times.

Can’t I just hang out with my family?

Of course! The holidays are all about family and friends. But why not get the kids outside to play football or make snow angels? Volunteer to walk the dog or rake leaves. The idea is to keep moving, not punish yourself! After all, being on holiday means just that…taking a break from the norm. You will have time to get back to your routine once the holidays are over, the cookies are gone and the fruitcake is no more than a memory (or doorstop?)

Exercise and the Holidays