In these days of texting, computers, social media, video games and apps, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that we haven’t gotten up and exercised our bodies nearly as much as we are stimulating our brains. Sometimes, using our brains becomes exhausting! And then, when we need to exercise our bodies, we feel just too tired to do so. We may think that the only way to exercise is to join a gym or work out with weights, but there is a much easier way to make your body healthy, and it doesn’t cost a dime and, could, actually be fun! The TUNG Brush and Gel team wants you to be healthy in mind AND body, so how about getting up and taking a walk!

Studies show that walking at a good pace increases circulation. It supplies blood and oxygen to the rest of the body, including the brain. Walking has been linked to improved memory and the maintenance of brain tissue. While it may not have the muscle strengthening of pumping iron, or the effect on circulation as running, it is a kinder, gentler way of getting up and moving that almost everyone can do, even if they have some of the physical restraints that might prevent other kinds of workouts.

Even if you think you have nowhere to walk, think again! Instead of taking the parking spot closest to the store, park farther away and walk! If you are headed to the mall, don’t park in the spot closest to the store you need, park at the other end of the mall and walk inside to your designation. And if it’s hot out, and you just can’t bear the heat, walk inside the mall – many malls have mile markers and inside trails for the “mall walker”. If you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk up the escalator instead of riding it.

Love music? Put on your headset and listen to your favorite tunes while you walk. You might even find yourself walking to the beat.

And the best idea yet? Walk with a friend! Make it a habit and you will both get healthier while enjoying a conversation or just each other’s company.

So, get up from your daily mental workout and get your body moving too. Make walking part of your daily health regimen. You will feel better and you will be healthier…and who knows, you might just have fun doing it.