Did you know that you don’t have to drink onion juice to have bad breath from a drink? Not that you would want to anyway, but the point is that you may be unaware of the fact that some drinks you consume on a daily basis can give you bad breath almost as easily as if you DID drink onion juice! Here are a few examples:

  1. Milk – as sweet as you may think a baby’s breath is after drinking milk, the effect on adults is not quite so endearing! While drinking it is good for your bones and skin, milk contributes to increased hydrogen sulfide in the mouth, causing nasty “milk breath”.
  1. Coffee – we all love that first morning cup-o-Joe, but that wake-up pick-me-up dries out your mouth, increasing the chance of bacteria growth that caused halitosis.
  1. Alcohol – in addition to some types of alcohol having their own special odors, beer, wine and other liquors also dry out the mouth and cause bacteria to grow.
  1. Orange Juice – while we all can benefit from the extra Vitamin C, especially this time of year, the acidity in orange juice also causes the inside of the mouth to become dry.
  1. Soda – a rose is a rose is a rose – whether you call it soda, pop, cola or a soft drink, its drying power also results in bacteria in the mouth and bad breath.

 Don’t fret, though – just because these five drinks can cause bad breath doesn’t mean you should avoid them! After all, where would that leave you? Just drinking water? (which, of course you SHOULD drink for proper hydration anyway!) We just wanted you to be aware, and to remind you that by brushing your teeth and using your TUNG Brush and Gel daily, together with chewing an occasional piece of sugar-free gum, you will be able to reduce the nasty effects these beverages can cause.

So go ahead and have your coffee or egg nog, celebrate the season with a glass of wine or your favorite soda, and share that glass of milk with your child – just remember you might just need to freshen your breath afterwards.