We got your attention, didn’t we? We all know that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day”, or so our mothers told us!

Well, believe it or not, Mom wasn’t exactly right, but she sure was close!

All meals are important for a balanced diet and for proper nutrition, but breakfast can set the tone of your whole day.  After a long night’s sleep, breakfast can immediately raise the body’s energy level and restore the blood glucose levels that were diminished overnight.

A balanced breakfast will provide the carbohydrate level you need to get that body moving and grooving, as well as the protein level to maintain the groove as the day progresses. This goes for cognitive function too, so a good breakfast actually helps us think better!

Breakfast also reduces stress. Now you may think that sleeping is the least stressful time of your day, and maybe it is for your mind, but not so much for your body! Cortisol, the stress hormone, is at its peak when you first get up in the morning. Having breakfast brings the cortisol level to a lower level, allowing your body, maybe not so much your mind, to stress less. Also, we wake up hungry, so a good breakfast is satisfying as well.

How Is Skipping Breakfast Related to Bad Breath?

But what about breath? Can we really have bad breath if we don’t eat breakfast? Well, as you know, a number of things can cause bad breath – being a mouth breather, of course, dries out the mouth and the surface of the tongue, allowing those nasty halitosis-causing bacteria to develop. Also, bad breath can develop from medication or alcohol use, chronic illnesses, respiratory tract infections and poor diet or oral hygiene.

BUT GUESS WHAT!?!?! Skipping breakfast CAN cause bad breath!!! Breakfast can stimulate saliva, which, in turn, scrubs bacteria from the tongue!

So, why not add a good, balanced breakfast to your morning routine, along with brushing and using your TUNG Brush and Gelyour mom would be proud of you!!!