It’s countdown time to Valentine’s Day, and for some of us, that means a night of romance with a significant other.  For some of us, it means snuggling in our pj’s, watching TV with our favorite cat or dog on our laps. Being more kissable is something everyone wants to be at some point in time, however you celebrate, and, in fact, whether you celebrate, Valentine’s Day!

So pucker up, everyone- here are a few tips to increasing your kissability score!😘

  1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene
    This may seem obvious, but brushing your teeth and using your tongue cleaner to keep your tongue clean every day will keep your breath fresher and your kiss sweeter!
  2. Love Your Teeth
    Maybe that sounds silly, but imagine puckering up and having a whole bunch of decayed incisors facing your mate! That means watching your sugar and acid intake and being sure to keep cavities and decay to a bare minimum.
  3. Don’t Smoke
    We all know that smoking causes all kinds of serious health issues, as well as gum disease and oral cancers. But who wants to kiss an ashtray?????
  4. Protect Your Gums
    Who wants to kiss someone whose gums are bleeding? Most people have bleeding gums at one point or another, so this isn’t cause for panic. But by brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly you can minimize gingivitis. And for temporary flare-ups, a warm salt water rinse does the trick.
  5. Use Mouthwash… Carefully!
    The right mouthwash can be a great last-minute breath freshener, but be sure it isn’t the kind made with alcohol, since we all know alcohol dries out the mouth and, yupp, you guessed it… causes bad breath.

Bonus Tips

OK, enough of the serious stuff. Here are a couple more tips for you that are more fun:

  1. Gentlemen – If you have facial hair, keep it trimmed… who wants to suck on fuzz while engaging in a kiss? After all, your facial hair is not dental floss! And if you don’t have facial hair, shave! No good scratching your significant other, right?
  2. Ladies – A light lip gloss is more kissable than a heavy gloppy lipstick…try a flavored lip gloss for fun, too!

So go ahead and get kissable! Whether for Valentine’s Day or later, you won’t regret it…and, should you be cuddling with that pet, go ahead and give your furry Valentine a hug for all of us here at TUNG Brush and Gel!

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💓💋💖