Last week we shared with you the first 5 of the Top 10 Worst Dental Habits. Let’s jump right into the other 5 and see if you have any bad habits to kick to the curb!

6. Flossing incorrectly.

When you floss, make sure your hold the floss against one tooth and then the other tooth. Many people just zip the floss through the teeth and floss one side, but never touch the other side…not a good plan! This will not get rid of all the bacteria in between your teeth and leave you vulnerable to gum disease!

7. Grinding Your Teeth

This is a tricky one because most people don’t know they’re even doing it! Tell-tale signs include pain in your jaw joints, difficulty opening and closing your mouth, headaches and even the inability to close your mouth. If not treated effectively, consequences include bone loss, gum recession and shifting and/or cracked teeth.  See your dentist pronto if you suspect you’re grinding your teeth.

8. Ignoring pain.

When your mouth hurts, something is wrong! Mouth pain is not a normal part of life. Take it as a sign and go get it checked out. Waiting too long to seek dental care can cause much greater problems in the future, so take care of it quickly.

 9. Skipping dental appointments.

This is a big one! People skip seeing the dentist for a number of reasons, including fear of the dentist, lack of finances, etc.  Just remember this though: Existing problems will just get worse! Take action!  Make it a top priority to invest in your mouth. It will save you money in the long run!

 10. Not Brushing your Tongue! 

This is a big no-no! People brush their teeth and even their gums, but skip their tongue—the main culprit in halitosis! Not brushing your tongue is a terrible habit. Your tongue harbors a whole host of bacteria that love to thrive and multiply, and when not kept in check, can overrun your mouth and cause bad breath and gum disease. Brush that tongue!

So there you have it…the Top 10 Worst Dental Habits! Do you have any habits to get rid of? Take action now; don’t delay! Your mouth and your overall health will thank you for getting rid of these as soon as possible.

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